-Cadair Braeden: Guidance for Trading-Edit

When trading in Cadair, barter or exchange will be the default mode.

If characters do not have anything to barter, negotiations may use virtual money. This money will be referred to as Coppers, Silvers, and Golds with no particular value, simply to aid Role Play.

Both parties may decide for themselves on relative values of the items they are trying to trade and will negotiate a 'price' accordingly.

The currency is as follows:

100 coppers = 10 Silvers = 1 Gold.

Role Play is the most important thing. So do not have a wealth that doesn't fit your character. Have some reason how your character came to have the items that they do etc.

Different racial groups and guilds have different items that they specialise in. Some of those items are needed by other groups to create their own merchandise. The mentors have recently shared what they have to offer. Speak with your group lead if you'd like to be a 'merchant' or 'black-marketeer' in your group.

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