This group is for children of all races to help create play and opportunities to get involved in sim life. If you're a child, come along and say hello to the mentors and you'll receive a warm welcome and lots of advice.

The children on our sim represent a very real and naturalistic part of our medieval roleplay. Our sim is fully immersive and we have many children of all races. We cherish and uphold their right to life, just as we do in our real lives.

We point you in the direction of Linden Labs ToS regarding child avatars and add to this with:

8. Children and minors. By playing in any of our sims, you are agreeing that you are over 18. Child and teen characters, however, are welcome. But please stay away from anything that would contradict Linden Labs TOS. If you see something you shouldn't, you shouldn't be looking in the first place.

a) Child avatars are welcome in all public areas throughout the four sims.

b) Child avatars MUST stay away from anything that contradicts Linden Labs TOS. They MUST flee from any sexual scenes whether visual or verbal and any nudity.

c) Child avatars can fight, hurt, carry realistic weapons and be hurt if it is in a roleplayed context and relevant to the period, within the terms of LL ToS. It must be realistic. Children are physically weaker in most races than adults.

d) Child avatars do not need to run away if adults are involved in scenes of arguing, swearing and violence.

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