Welcome to Nova Braeden, home to the humans of Cadair Braeden. The town itself stands on a large rocky island just off the shores of the famous Cadair Forest and protruding from the sea, by some sixty metres, As you will soon notice, in this place the tales and myths of other lands come true, and fame and fortune await to those who commit themselves to explore the region and embark in its multiple adventures.

You are welcomed to our proud city by it's Monarch and Elders. We hope you find this guide useful if you are interested in joining us or simply wish to know more about the culture of the humans in the Realm of Cadair Braeden.

Government of Nova Braeden

Nova Braeden is ruled by a King or Queen, or sometimes a Regent if The Monarch is unable to rule for any reason. Assisting the ruler are a group of Elders who help to lead the city. All major decisions are made by this group. The Elders meet both in character (ICly) and out of character (OOCly) to arrange role play and plan for the future and are all willing to accept new role play (RP) ideas from Citizens. The society of Nova Braeden is therefore a monarchy but one with it's feet very much on the ground.

Becoming a Citizen

To become recognised as a Citizen of Nova Braeden in RP, you must present yourself to the current ruler (or an Elder if they are not present) and introduce yourself to them. Once you have done that ICly and they are satisfied that you are, indeed human, you will be invited to join our society. The Citizen group is open enrolment, or you can ask any Elder to add you so you have access to the groups notices, titles, chat and can identify and contact other Citizens.

History of Nova Braeden

The Kingdom and city of Nova Braeden has an interesting and intriguing history and back story. You can read more about it in the notecard below if you wish to find out how our home came to be. Since that notecard was written, the old town of New Braeden has been destroyed by a demon along with a land that was known as Pasithea. Nova Braeden was built on the land that mysteriously appeared from the sea where Pasithea once stood.

Ranks & QuestsEdit

In the link below you will find a list of obtainable ranks you can work towards after you become a Citizen of Nova Braeden. You will also find the Quests there and helpful levelling progression cards.

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