Cadair Braeden Wiki

This card is to allow characters to keep a record of their progress and to show the thinks required for levelling up. Items 1 and 2 are simply to remind players what the Monarch and Elders are considering when levelling in addition to the other evidence that players will submit. This card will be circulated among the Elders group when levelling meetings are held, but you need only send it to The Monarch who will ensure it gets to the right people.

Please complete the entire progression card before submitting it. Once complete, send it to The Monarch.

Your RP name AND account name here please

1. Further activity and contribution level will be decided by The Monarch and Elders team.

2. Attach all notecards revolving around the unique RP that you created for your character. You do not have to add everything, just the key parts of the storyline.

3. Attach proof of you attending at least one Cadair Braeden class that is different from your first class.

4. What guild are you in and what is your guild leaders name?

5. Attach proof of you attending a Throne Session and voicing an idea of yours.

6. Attach all notecards of you participating and completing the quest "2A - A Noble Deed" below.