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In general, speak in "common" and insert in merrish wherever it is appropriate. But if you want to be fancy, here are some basic sentence structures for complete merrish sentences/thoughts.

A: Hello, what is your name?
B: Hello, my name is Tri'Donis.

A: Tala, de wa na?
B: Tala, (triton) Tri'Donis de wa.

C: Are you alright?
D: It is hurting but I am okay. Thankyou.

C: Onata malee ya?
D: Maktah faresh ba, onata malee. Talawa'na.


Yah (hhhhhh) - yes
Nah (hhhhhh) - no
Tala - hello, greetings
Lusa em - see you (goodbye)
Safa'wala - goodbye. Literal translation: "safe waters"
Tawala'na - thank you
Vel'bekom - welcome
De wa na? - What is your name?
Vel'bekom ee'cee malee ya - You are welcome here.
Calish! - Stop! Enough!
Honata'na? - honestly?; are you serious?
Tasleh en ostio! - Tastes like oysters!
Onata malee - It's okay. I'm okay. Literal transation: "Okay, I am (it is)".
Mia ya diwia tuu'lak maktah faresh dah'na! - May you die a thousand painful deaths!
Shirah talease - Not worthy to be in your presence (used around those of much higher standing)


Delmo nacht! - Holy shit!
Wetala heshanava! - What the hell!
Naal a nacht! - Piece of shit!
Dramaar im'ah scala - Suck my scales!


Weeyah - Why?
Heewah - How?
Wooah - Who?
Wha (hhhhhh) - What?
Heewah'ma cha'chinga - How much money?


Ah'wala'he - Leader. Literal Translation: Protector of All Waters
Sala'sherah - Sorcereress/Sorcerer
Cha'rah'tah - Champion
Hee'lah - Healer
Sca'lah - Scholar
Pries'tah - Priestess/Priest
El'da'rah - Elder
Dee'laka - Disciple
Gatha'rah - Gatherer


Ah'wala'rah - Goddess of Water (known on land as Anahita)
Tal'rah - demi-god that serves the Ah'wala'rah


Ah'rah'cha - Temple (literally, God/Goddess place)
Aldrannak - life force, energy
Bah'bah - bubble
Bi'bah - baby, child
Bra'dah - brother (not biological)
Cha'chinga - money, currency (gold, silver, etc.)
Dah'na - death
Dramaar aldrannak - draining life force
Ee'cee - here
Flotha'ee - boat, ship
Fru'gah - frog
Fu'zah - furry land creature
Gramaar aldrannak - giving life force
Haanii - Moon
He - protection (also verb)
Henafa - courage
Ju'ju - magic
Kazangas - breasts
Krah'kah - cracken/kracken; sea monster
Laga - leg
Lala - land
Luff - love
Makaadah faresh lekdu - ancient mer that drained all life from landwalkers; hunted them
Maktah faresh - pain (also verb/adjective)
Naal - piece
Na'laga - two legged creatures, generic term for land walker
Na'laga'cha - Human Village (literally, Human place)
Nacht - shit, feces
Nathraak - volunteer for dramaar aldrannak (sucking fais)
Ostio - oysters
Pa' - nothing
Rah - god, goddess
Rassa - sun
Scala - scales
Sha'laga - four legged creatures (literally, four legs)
Si'sah - sister (not biological)
Snu'gah - snuggles/soft sex
Snu'snu - hard sex
Ta' - everything
Tana'rassa - fire (literally, little sun)
Tasleh - taste (also verb)
Ta'ta - turtle
Tha'ee - thing
Thee'cee - there
Tree'sah - tear (also means sadness)
Tritah - mermaid
Triton - merman
Vitawana - victory
Wala - water


Placing 'ton at the end of a race name specifies a male, while 'ta specifies a female. Furthermore, 'he at the end of the race and gender specification is our equivalent to King and Queen while it literally means Protector.

Araflo'ah - Fae (Generic term, literally "air floater")
Araflo'ah'ton - Male Fae
Araflo'ah'ta - Female Fae

Blacada Patah'ayuh - Drow (literally, black elves)
Blacada Patah'ayh'ton - Male Drow
Blacada Patah'ayuh'ta - Female Drow

Dewalana - Dragon
Dewalana'ton - Male Dragon
Dewalana'ta - Female Dragon

Makdo - Vampire
Makdo'ton - Male Vampire
Makdo'ta - Female Vampire

Makoosh - Demon
Makoosh'ton - Male Demon
Makoosh'ta - Female Demon

Na'laga - Human (Two legs, generic term for land walker)
Na'laga'ton - Male Human
Na'laga'ta - Female Human

Patah'ayuh - Elf (Generic term, literally "pointy ears")
Patah'ayuh'ton - Male Elf
Patah'ayuh'ta - Female Elf

Talfa - Lycan
Talfa'ton - Male Lycan
Talfa'ta - Female Lycan

Witada Patah'ayuh - Elf (literally, white elves, specifies that the Elf is not Drow)
Witada Patah'ayuh'ton - Female Elf
Witada Patah'ayuh'ta - Male Elf


Ayuh - Ear
Bi'bah'cha - Stomach/belly (literally, baby place)
Hoo'hah - Vagina
Jemima - Eye (Also means gem or jewel)
Na'jemima - Eyes (Also could mean two gems)
Kazanga - Breasts
Laga - Leg
Mo'cha - Mouth (literally, voice place)
Myavah - Hair
Naga - Penis (also means snake)
Patah - Teeth


Ga'tah - Food
Snu'ga'tah - Aphrodisiac fruit that grows under the sea (literally, sex food)


Ara'taka - to fly
He - to protect (also noun)
Dekkotaa - to flee, book it... bail like hell.... tear asss into the tupacalypse
Diwia - to die
Dramaar - to take, drain, steal
Flo'ah - to float
Gah - to go
Gramaar - to give
Lala'taka - to walk
Luff - to love (also noun)
Lusa - to see
Malee - is,am (ex. Carish'naka malee - It is beautiful.)
Maktah faresh - to hurt, to suffer from pain (also noun/adjective)
Meeka - to feel
Shivala - to show, reveal
Tasleh - to taste (also noun)
Vivia - to watch, spy
Wala'taka - to swim
Wawa - to want, need


Bah't - Bad/mean
Ba'hoo - Bored/boring
Bana - big
Blacada - Black
Bluda- blue
Carish'naka - beautiful, amazing
Delmo - holy, sacred
Gah't - Good/nice
Grada - Green
Hap'ah - Happy/cheerful
Invia - infertile
Im'ah - my (mine)
La'zah- Lazy
Ma - much, several, many
Maktah faresh - painful (also noun/verb)
Peeka - Precious
Rada- Red
Safa - safe
Tal - middle, between
Tana - small/tiny
Tree'sah - Sadness/sad (Also means tear)
Via - fertile
Vivia - watchful
Yalada - Yellow

example: Im lusa bana flotha'ee! I see a big boat!
Ba'hoo hred malee. He is boring.
Hren, hap'ah malee. She is happy.


a - of
ba, - but
ya - you (use at the end of the sentence)
aa - and
mia - may
en - like (something is like something else)
tu'ah - to


Im - I or me
em (informal) ya (formal) - you
Hred - he or him
Hren - she or her
wi - we or us
dhem - They or them


Ia - one
Na - two
Sa - three
Sha - four
Ga - five
Raka - six
Shacha - seven
Hacha - eight
Kya - nine
Jya - 10
Handa - 100
Tuu'lak - 1000

Example: 100 mermaids - Handa trita
Example: 158 demons! - Handa Ga'Jya'Hacha makoosh! (100+5*10+8)