Cadair Braeden Wiki

Greeting Another Merrow - The traditional merrow greeting to another merrow (or another creature if a bond has been established) is to place a soft kiss to either cheek, and then say "Tala (bra'dah or si'sah depending on the gender of the other).

Introductions - When a merrow introduces themselves, it is common for the merrow to either place a hand on their own chest or to beat their fist against their own chest (depends on the nature of the merrow - sweet or fierce).

Hand gestures - Merrow enjoy talking with their hands, so to speak, so feel free to wave them about when you are explaining concepts, ideas, etc.

Indicating Friendship - In order to indicate friendship with another merrow (or with another creature if a bond has been established), you approach the other, place your hand to the back of their head and then softly place your forehead to their forehead. Hold this position in silence for several minutes.

If you have ideas for new merrow customs, feel free to send them to Chitralekha Resident.