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A pregnant Sea Turtle meandered along the shore to lay her eggs in a sandy hole. A sea gull soared above her and cawed, "I'll eat them up, I tell you so. I'll eat them up, I tell you so."

A few more birds joined in the chanting, flying in a circle above the wandering Mother Sea Turtle,

"We'll eat them up, we tell you so. We'll eat them up, we tell you so."

Mother Sea Turtle laid her eggs in a sandy hole and made her way back to the sea quickly while the birds continued to howl and jeer. Mother Sea Turtle swam and swam until she found Sea Urchin and said, "Please, please, Sea Urchin help me, please!" Sea Urchin rolled around and said, "Mother Sea Turtle, what is it?" Mother Sea Turtle cried and cried, "The Sea Gull and his friends will eat my babies when they hatch, you have to help!"

Sea Urchin agreed to help, so Mother Sea Turtle swam to Crab and his friends. Mother Sea Turtle cried, "You have to help me, Crab! Sea Gull and his friends will eat my babies when they hatch!" Crab agreed and gathered his friends.

That night, Sea Urchin rolled towards the shore with his friends to help along with Crab and his friends. The baby Sea Turtles hatched and started making there way towards the ocean where Mother Sea Turtle waited. Sea Gull and his friends showed up and began to dive and swoop for the baby Sea Turtles. Crab and his friends snapped at the mean birds while Sea Urchin and his friends rolled alongside the baby Sea Turtles. One of the birds snatched up one of Sea Urchin's friends, but the bird got scratched by the sea urchin's sharp spikes and dropped him.

The baby Sea Turtles got to Mother Sea Turtle, but Sea Gull wasn't going to let one of them get away. He swooped towards Mother Sea Turtle to snatch up one of her babies, but she slapped him with one of her fins and shouted, "Get away from my babies!" Mother Sea Turtle got all of her babies safely to the ocean with the help of sea urchins and crabs, the sea gulls and other birds flew away with an empty stomach.