Nova Braeden has always valued their relations with neighbouring races. Many of whom they consider to be their allies in a way, without or without it being official. All Citizens who help Nova Braeden on her quest to find more alliances within the Realm will be elevated in the eyes of the leaders of our Kingdom.

You might not be able to gain the trust and friendship of an entire race faction, but helping to gain at least one at a time certainly helps!

This quest will require you to find a player of another race, that does not live in Nova Braeden. You must do something in RP that would be considered as gaining their trust or get on their good side so to speak.

Some ways you could do this is to offer to take them out for food or a drink, share a picnic for example, let them know you will protect them and their race if need be or whatever else you might come up with. It requires you to just become friendly with of the most interesting RPs might be to become friendly with a darker race, such as an unseelie or drow, but is not required.

Remember to notecard all your RPs involved in this quest. The RP does not have to be too long, but should contain some obvious signs that you are trying to become well acquainted with them.

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