Your next stage is to become a Respected Citizen of Nova Braeden. This title is not something easily given and must be earned!

This quest requires you to do a good deed for the benefit of Nova Braeden or one of its Citizens. The RP should show that you are devoted enough to our Kingdom that you see the fellow humans as your family and that you treat them as such.

For this quest, you should do one deed that would impress The Monarch and Council. Perhaps you want to help the people, set up a fund and collect money for the poor, offer your special services to The Monarch or present them with a new invention or discovery. It is up to you to consider what would best serve to demonstrate your commitment to your fellow citizens, but it must be something that would be viewed as a selfless deed in medieval society though. A little research might provide some ideas.

Please notecard all your RP while acting out this quest. You will need to record what you did that would be considered a selfless deed in medieval times. Record the RP you conducted and paste it into a notecard so that you can give it to The Monarch when applying for levelling.

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