Nova Braeden has always valued their relations with neighbouring races. Many of whom they consider to be their allies in a way, without or without it being official. All Citizens who help Nova Braeden on her quest to find more alliances within the Realm will be elevated in the eyes of the leaders of our Kingdom.

As an aspiring member of court you would be unlikely to want to mess about with unimportant creatures of other races but might use them to forge links with rising characters in other lands in the hope they may be useful to you later.

This quest will require you to find a player of another race, that does not live in Nova Braeden. You must RP with them to find out who is important in their race and then get them to introduce you to that character. You must then gain the trust of the more important player in some way or get on their good side so to speak.

Being aware that in the future you might have to deal with this character, and even be in dispute with them, you should try to get some information from them, without revealing too much of yourself or Nova Braeden. There are many ways to do this but the information you obtain should have some importance. Examples include who holds what posts in their society, how they find their food, where their leader lives, or how many are in their race. You may chose any race for this quest, some might be easier than others, Much skill would be needed to find this information from a darker race, such as an unseelie or drow, but the rewards later on might pay off.

Remember to notecard all your RPs involved in this quest. The RP does not have to be too long, but should contain some obvious signs that you are trying to become well acquainted with them.

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