((IMPORTANT. You are NOT expected to buy anything for this, or any other quest.))

So you want to elevate yourself in Nova Braeden? Seek to better yourself in our society? This is medieval times so life can be tough for lower class Citizens. One way to make yourself known is to make yourself look good in front of The Monarch and Elders.

This quest requires you to obtain a gift for a member of the Royal Family of Nova Braeden. You will need to RP buying, creating, or otherwise obtaining, The gift must be at least fit for a Monarch...any uninteresting items might not be appreciated as much, but sometimes simple things might have an appeal beyond their value.

You will need to record your RP of obtaining and giving the gift to The Royal Family member so remember to notecard all the key RP that involves this quest. If you do not do so, the quest will fail. You must then seek an appointment with The Royal Family member and present the gift to them.

Most importantly, remember to have fun!

((It is NOT intended that you actually make or buy anything, This is all about role playing the whole process))

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