Cadair Braeden Wiki


The Rangers are designed to be a loose organization of wandering, nature related, and armed, woodsfolk of all races, who are guardians of the Valley, Life and Nature.

Much of a Rangers existence is solitary, patrolling and exploring - protecting woods, plants, animals and help people, who may get into trouble crossing the wilderness.

All Rangers must be of good or neutral mentality. Any change of actions that could be construed as evil, will cause you to be expelled from the Rangers and hunted by them.

The Ranger are an independent group, working hand in hand with Fey'Dier and New Braeden to uphold peace and justice in the land - but judging all individuals, only by their actions, not by their species or origin.

Rangers are especially courteous and helpful to visitors and newcomers ((including explaining about the setting and themes in the Sim)).

Quests, missions and events

Gathering treasures or items, escorting merchants, path finding, scouting missions and others. Joining the elven and humans in large scale events like celebrations or battles that tie in with the overall story. Improve your skills in these areas mentioned, and a promotion will also be available. The quests and missions will be posted in Group Notices (see Group "Cadair Rangers").


Entry level Rangers begin as a Ranger Hawk.

With activity and completed missions within the guild, a ranger has the potential to advance to the following ranks:

- Ranger Scout

- Forest Ranger

- Ranger Elder.

Ranger School

An experienced Ranger can teach you how to communicate and act in roleplay - advise you regarding appropriate outfit and equipment - practise survival in the wilderness and the use of weapons.

Ranger's Creed

I am the Blade of Nature; It is my Duty to protect the forest and all in it; By my bow transgressors shall be cleansed; By my blade the fallen shall be avenged; The Great Mother walks beside me always.

Ranger's Oath

I will always act with Honor and Integrity; I will not abide evil acts; I will not abide the desecration of the forest or it's creatures; I will always honor and respect the Eldars; I will take only what is needed to survive; I will always protect my fellow rangers.


Rangers are solitary forest folk most of the time, but the Ranger Lodge is located East of the Dragon Mountain and North of the Bradach Camp. You may obtain further information from Kerikou Wintersbane, Swordsworn Resident, or MatthewA Adamski.