Cadair Braeden Wiki

The Sha'ir are the entertainers and lore keepers of Nicht Ka, it is their duty to entertain, but often time under the guise of entertainment they are at work, gathering information... Spies

Sometimes comissioned, for a specific cause, but the Sha'ir are always at work absorbing knowledge for their stories, songs and even a dancer's performance.

They have a special gift, one given to only them, the Gift of Charm

Using this gift they can alter the mood of their audience, creat the feeling of extreme happiness, saddness, anger, they may even use it to seduce.

Each designation within the Sha'ir can weild this gift in a different way,

Story tellers: tone of voice.

Dancers: Physical object (bells, ribbon, dancer's prop)

Musician: Instrument

Spy: Touch (holding hand, hand on arm, around shoulder)

The gift will be administered by the guild master, and any person entering the guild must take the oath of the Sha'ir.
If a person leaves the Sha'ir, or is cast out of the house they will lose this gift and they abilities they would posess within the house.