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Focusing on either herbalism or the application of poisonous venoms and plants, the Ayurveda (Healers) are responsible for keeping the Sassanid healthy. They will often share their knowledge with other cultures in order to gain information on healing from them in return. The Ayurveda are the tribe's healers and are consulted over everything from a stomach ache to training in war time medicine. The Head of the House sits on the Council of Houses.

This house may work closely with the House of Rohani in order to attend diplomatic missions for the sake of learning healing of other lands to increase their own knowledge for the sake of the tribe. ==


If one wishes to become a healer, they must apply to the Head of the House and begin their training by nursing for other healers, learning from the healers how to make salves and ointments. If they wish to specialize in poisons and treatment for poisoning, they must tutor under a healer who is already trained in this knowledge.

    • Contact Kynthia Reule to join***


Healer Initiate (Rank 1 / +5 Dice Bonus)
This is the entry level to the Ayurveda House. They may some basic first aid, and some knowlege of using salves and potions, but must work closely with the other healers to learn more of the fundamentals.

Healer Acolyte (Rank 2 / +10 Dice Bonus)
This person is in full training, learning everything they can of herbs, ointments and possible poisons. They learn of the human body and how to dress and stitch wounds. They work closely with the healers in order to provide what help they can so that the healer's work can proceed smoothly. A nurse of exemplary skill and practice may be chosen to assist the Head of the House so that the other healers may be free to help the tribe itself. In order to become a full healer, the nurse must pass a test, given by the Head of the House and take a vow to the House.

Ayurveda Healer (Rank 3 / +15 Dice Bonus)
This person has dedicated themselves to being caretakers of the Sassanid, tending to wounds and sicknesses within the city. They may be a general care giver or they may specialize in their skill in the realms of wounds, disease or poisons. They work as a team with other healers and their nurses and are open to learning new methods of treatment for their patients.

Nicht Ka Master Healer ( Master Healer - Head of the House / +15 Dice Bonus)
This person is the sitting head of the house and is considered the expert of healing by the house and may choose their successor based on skill and bedside manner. They are also considered the personal healer of the Sheik and to the other Heads of the five Houses. This person sits on the Council of Houses.